Ok, so I’m home again with a sick son (10/15/12).  We still need to get some math done. We’re going to watch a video about continuity, take some notes during the video, then do some more problems.



During the video, I’m requiring you to write down some notes.  Important concepts include:  jump discontinuity, infinite discontinuity, removable discontinuity, continuity of polynomials, continuity of rational functions, continuity of trig functions, properties of continuous functions, compositions, one-sided continuity, continuity on an interval, the intermediate value theorem (IVT), extreme value theorem (EVT).

You should have entries in your notes for each of these 12 items.  I’ll check for them tomorrow as part of your assignment grade.  No notes, no points…you hear me?  Take a moment to write these 12 down so you can check them off as you go.  Feel free to pause the video so you can write.


Continuity Video

Here’s the link to the video on continuity:
(It might pop open in a separate window.)

That wasn’t so bad, right?


Homework Examples

We’re gonna do some more problems from 2.6, but first, here are a couple examples to get you started.
(Don’t watch this one until you’ve finished the video above.)

Homework Example Video Link



Now that you’re all experts, please add the following problems to your previous 2.6 assignment (p. 129): #14, 16, 19, 23, 30, 36-40, 45, 47, 51, 52

See you soon.