Lesson 2.4 Variables on Both Sides

Yeah, I’m gone today (10/15/12), but we still need to move on to Lesson 2.4, where we’ll be solving equations with variables on both sides of the equals sign.  I’ve prepared three short videos that set up the lesson with example of the types of equations we’ll be solving.


Example Video #1

Start with this video that shows a basic example and introduces a new step in our solving process:
collecting variable terms on one side.

Example 1 Video Link


Example Video #2

The second video shows a more complicated equation, which will require simplifying on both sides before solving.

Example 2 Video Link


Example Video #3

The final video examines two special situations that you may come across when all the variables in the equation cancel and you’re left with only constants (numbers).

Example 3 Video Link



Now that you’ve seen some of these equations, you need to practice them yourselves.  The assignment for today is from page 103, #1-13, 15-26.  Let’s make #1-13 due at the end of the period, just to keep you honest.  You can do #15-26 on another sheet of paper.  If you still need more examples, please check out these video tutors provided by Holt.