Space Cowboy

I suppose you could say that we have spent quite a bit of time grinding out programs and it’s high time we had some fun.  Well, now is your chance … sort of. You’ll have to earn the fun.  The turtle module is actually feature rich and can allow the programmer to create some sophisticated programs, including games. Today we will implement one such game.

This video demonstrates the Spaceship game.  Basically, we use the arrow keys on the keyboard to control a spaceship.  Your goal is to hit the yellow dot in the center of the blue curve.  The trick is that the spaceship can only move forward, and once in motion, keeps moving with a speed determined by the amount of thrust used.

While we are not yet ready to design and code our own games yet, we can type.  Specifically, you will be given a hard copy of the code used to make this game. Simply type it in, save it as, and start playing. My record in the video is around 24 seconds. If you beat me call me over to verify your result.

Submit your working file as at this submission link.