Making a Game of It…

Adding Features To Our Dart Simulation

We have begun to lay the ground work for a dart game.  So far, we have the target drawn, buttons to throw and quit the game, and little circles that hit the target randomly when the throw button is pressed. Now, we’d like to make a game of it, so to speak.


The rules of the game go something like this: The player gets ten throws. Each ring of the target is worth a specific point value, with the highest value in the center and the lowest value at the outer ring.  My version of the game has three rings, with points 5, 3, or 1.  After ten throws, the sum of the darts is displayed.  My personal best so far is 17 points. 🙂

This video shows my game in action.  Yours should function similarly.

Project Requirements

  • Use the filename
  • Comments at the beginning and throughout your code.
  • Use spacing to make your code readable.
  • Allow the player to throw ten darts.
  • Display the point value for each ring directly on the target.
  • Display the number of throws used (use an Entry object).
  • Display the total points after each throw (also an Entry object).
  • The mouse click after the 10th throw (click 11) ends the program regardless of whether it is in a button or not.

As I mentioned in the video, you will need to use the distance formula (we have already done this a couple of times) to decide the number of points to assign after each throw.

When your program is complete, including comments at the beginning and throughout the code, please submit your program using this submission link.