Concavity and the Second Derivative Test

Concavity (5th Hour Applied Calculus)


(The picture above is not a video, it’s just an image clip from the videos linked below)

We have been working with the first derivative to find monotonic intervals (places where a function is increasing and decreasing) and using these intervals to determine where the function has local minimums or maximums.

Today we are going to explore another important characteristic of the graphs of equations, their concavity.  The following videos will introduce the idea of concavity and the second derivative test.  You can also read more about the topic in Lesson 4.4 of the textbook. Please view each video and take notes while you watch. Feel free to pause the videos so you have time to write. When you are done watching all four videos, please begin the problems assigned below.

Click this Link to the Videos on Concavity and the Second Derivative Test

Now that you have viewed the videos and are completely confused, try the following problems from the new handout: #19-35 odd.

See you tomorrow!