Now that our Dragon Browser is acting more like a “real” web browser, it would be nice to have a help page that details all of the functions our browser provides, including the keyboard shortcuts and the automatic addition of “http://” to urls. So, that’s the assignment.  Make a help page called yourname-help.html.  Add a “Help” action to the Help Menu, which will load yourname-help.html (self.web.load(QUrl(“yourname-help.html”)) will load the page if it is saved in the same folder as the Python program).

The yourname-help.html file is a web page, written in html, that displays all of the help information.  Use proper html tags when creating the page, including CSS styling. You may need to look back at the web pages we constructed earlier in the year.

When your browser program and help file are completed, please submit both files, one at a time suing this submission link.