Address Book Part 2: Putting Some Pieces in Place

The Backstory

So just when I thought I was getting my act together, I remembered that I have a meeting 1st-3rd hours today.  (Stop cheering!) You’ll recall that yesterday we spent time working with dictionaries and at the end of class I promised that we’d be working with Chapter 1 of Alice in Wonderland today. That plan has changed…

I spent quite a bit of time last night working with our Address Book program, especially the GUI and I found that I could implement the table without using a dictionary. This makes our job a little easier and means that while I’m gone today, you can get started on coding a simple version.

The Assignment

Use the handout to code a basic version of the address book program, which creates an AddressBook class (including a list of contacts), imports the 500 fake names from the data file named us-500-2.csv, and displays the contacts in a Qt window with a QTableWidget.  I placed comments in the code to help you understand  what each line does, but we will also pick up our discussion tomorrow. With this code in place, we can begin to add features to make our Address Book more useful.

If all goes well, your window should look a little like this:


After you get your code working, please submit it using this submission link.

We will get back to Alice and her adventures tomorrow.  See you then.