Getting Qt ;)



Now that we have explored classes and a bit of the Qt GUI toolkit, it’s time to take a more deliberate approach with Qt.  We’re going to complete the PyQt4 tutorial over at the ZetCode website.

Before you begin, here are the instructions for completing the tutorial.  In order to demonstrate that you have in fact worked through the examples, you are required to code and submit them.  There are links provided below for each required example along with the filename you should use when you save the code.


Read everything here BEFORE you click the tutorial link.

The tutorial you are about to complete is grouped into 11 parts. Each part is a single webpage. To advance to the next page, you must return the the Contents.

As you read through the pages, you are required to test the code displayed so you can see the objects the code creates.  I have indicated the examples that you must test and submit for each page of the tutorial below (don’t panic –  there are 40 of them). Use the included filename and submission link. Before you begin, please copy the PyQt4 Tutorial Images from the folder on the N: drive.

In total, there are 40 examples that you have to test and submit, the last one being the Tetris game.  Now go to the ZetCode PyQt4 Tutorial using this link: