The SCHS Hour of Code


SCHS will host an Hour of Code on Thursday, December 8, 2016 in Room 211.  This is your chance to spend an hour learning to program computers! SCHS staff and students are all welcome. Right now, has over 40 million students ready to participate.


What’s an Hour of Code?

It’s a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify “code” and show that anyone can learn the basics to be a maker, a creator, an innovator. It’s a national event. We’ll provide a self-guided tutorial that anybody can do right in a browser.

Computer Science Education Week is observed each year, in recognition of the birthday of computing pioneer Admiral Grace Murray Hopper (December 9, 1906). This video shows Admiral Hopper’s appearance on Late Night with David Letterman…

The Hour of Code is just one of many different events planned for CSEdWeek.  Please join us on the 8th and see what all the fuss is about.

Sign up here for the SCHS Hour of Code.

You can get more information at the Hour of Code website: