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Monday, 11/30/2015

Welcome back! Today we worked with absolute-value inequalities. The assignment is p. 215, #1-21. Watch this video if you need more explanation.

Tuesday, 10/6/2015

Today, for students that completed their vocabulary lists, we took a re-test of page one of the last test. Afterward, we discussed the problems from last night before assigning more practice: p. S5, #77-82 and the Green Order of Operations handout.

Monday, 10/5/2015

The assignment today is from p. 50, #34-43, 46-51.

Friday, 10/2/2015

Today we completed a Warm Up quiz, transferring #27 and #46 from the Lesson 1.6 assignments. We also worked on the Spirit Graph activity. Go Creek!

Tuesday, 9/29/2015

Today we took our Chapter 1 Part 1 Test. Afterward, students were assigned to read pages 40-42 and try problems #1-19 on page 43.

Monday, 9/28/2015

After an extra long weekend due to illness, we were back at it today. Most of class was spent on a test review activity using Plickers. Tonight students should be reviewing the review the Test Study Guide and Outline, which includes the vocab for test and checking their solutions to the assignment from last Wednesday (pp. 62-64, #2, 11-52). Our test is tomorrow.

Wednesday, 9/23/2015

Early Release Day: Today we reviewed the solutions to our assignment from last night and began to prepare for our first test this Friday. The assignment is pp. 62-64, #2, 11-52. Student should also review the Test Study Guide and Outline.

Tuesday, 9/22/2015

Today we continued our work in Lesson 1-5. The assignment is from p. 35, #1-26, 31-34, 45-47.

Monday, 9/21/2015

After restful weekend, we are back at it again. In class we used part of the period to take a (green) skills assessment, then focused our attention on Lesson 1-5. The assignment is for students to fill in the goldenrod vocab sheet with the following terms: square root, perfect square, natural numbers, whole numbers, integers, rational numbers, terminating decimals, repeating decimals, irrational numbers, real numbers.

Wednesday, 9/16/2015

Today we finally reviewed division of real numbers, focusing on the sign and value of problems involving fractions. The assignment is to redo the problems from Tuesday to include the entire answer, not just the sign.

Tuesday, 9/15/2015

Today we spent most of the class time in the library where the student completed district Star testing. Upon our return, students (except 1st period) were assigned problems to practice signed multiplication (green handout).

Monday, 9/14/2015

Today we expanded our study of operations with integers and real numbers, focusing on multiplication and division. We're concerned with value and sign. For tonight, students were assigned p. 23 #2-8, 14-20, 26-33 (Signs only. Do NOT provide values ... yet). Check these out for more discussion.

Friday, 9/11/2015

After reviewing the results of the Are You Ready? We returned to addition and subtraction of integers. We reviewed several cases and examples and wrote them on our "Notes" handout, then students practiced problems in class before being assigned a green handout for practice over the weekend.

Thursday, 9/10/2015

Today we took time to complete a pre-assessment assignment from p. 73, then discussed some simple one-step equations that require addition to solve. Students were assigned p. 80, #1-13, 21-27, 33-36, 69, 79-81, 85-87.

Wednesday, 9/9/2015

Today we covered our textbook, filled out our student survey, and complete some ice breakers with Plickers (6th only). 5th period attended the Freshmen Assembly. Tomorrow we get to the math :)

Tuesday, 9/8/2015

First day of school. It was a quick, warm introduction to our Algebra class. We spent much of our time working on the spiral lettering activity. Students should bring a large (tall) paper sack tomorrow for another activity we have planned. See you tomorrow!

Sunday, 9/6/2015

Classes begin Tuesday the 8th. See you then!